Welcome to Systainer Works!

Discover the world of Systainers, where adaptability meets creativity and engineering. Whether you’re customizing it to streamline work tasks or transforming it for personal use, that’s what we call a ‘Systainer fitout’. These systainers then are works of art or working for you, thus the name Systainer Works.

From bustling workshops and commercial environments, to homes and hobbies, Systainers are embedded in everyday life worldwide. Dive into the systainer community and see here at Systainer Works how real users, just like you, create their systainer fitouts and put their systainers to work. Draw inspiration, stir your imagination, and showcase your own ingenuity. Every Systainer has a work story and a use. What will yours be?

Systainer Work is composed of submissions from the systainer community. Got a Systainer fitout you want to share? Mundane or over the top, we would love for you to share and inspire the community.

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This web site is put together by Systainer Store. The largest dealer of Systainers in America.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Systainer?

A Systainer is a stackable storage system. Engineered and manufactured by Tanos in Germany, the Systainer is known the world over for it light weight, modularity and portability. The standardized footprint and design retains compatibility with products made 30 years ago, while also pushing to the future and new offerings for the systainer family. Systainers are used by individuals, businesses and OEMs like Festool.

What is a fitout?

It may seem obvious, but a Systianer is a plastic box. When you add tools or materials to it, you make it yours. That is the start of a fitout. The next step is adding inserts which can be off the shelf or custom to help organize the Systainer and its contents. Some users take it further adding color scheme or labels to the outside. Every fitout is unique, and what matters is that it is yours and meets your needs.

Who created these fitouts?

The Systainer community did! There fitouts were voluntareily submitted to show off what is possible. Some users wish to remain anonymous, others like to share their profile. Some fitouts are sponsored.

Can I submit a fitout?

Yes, please! Submit your fitout here.

Why did you make this site?

As a systainer user and dealer, Sys Tim fielded dozens of questions asking how to use a systainer or what tools fits in which systainer. Therefore he was motivated to build this site where the Systainer community can share their experiences and how they fitout and use systainers.

Can I sponsor the website or a fitout?

Yes, you certainly can. Fill out the form on our contact page to get in touch and discuss the opportunities.

So you are telling me Systainer Store created this site?

Yep, Systainer Store desired a place for the Systainer Community to post and share their systainers. It can also be a bit of a reference to see what tools fit which size systainer. So this site is built and maintained by Systainer Store and at times sponsored by brands that bring synergy to the Systainer community.

And this site has affiliate links?

That is also correct. It takes time and money and talent to build and maintain this site. Sponsorships and Affiliate income are a couple of the ways to pay for these expenses. We don’t go out of our way to make entries for affiliate income or to promote specific products for affiliate income. We simply add links to the fitouts while maintaining each fitout’s intent.

What did you use to make this site?

This site is built with Jekyll. A premium theme was purchased and then modified by a Freelancer. We use Siteleaf for our content CMS. The forms on the site are a dream to use and made with Tally.so. The site is deployed and hosted by Netlify. The legal policies are reviewed by WebsitePolicies.