3D Printed Organizer Insert Bins

Fitout By Forged 3D

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Forged3d.co has created the best 3D printed insert for the Systainer3 Organizer. They didn’t stop there, it is parameterized making it easy to create a custom design for any measurement on the 25mm Sys3 Org grid system. Next they made half height units, allowing two units to be stacked to accommodate the smallest of hardware, while at the same time being just as secure as the standard height units. Finally, they’ve procured filaments in various Tanos and Festool colors to allow truly custom fit outs creations!

These are by far the best 3D printed insert bins I’ve seen. What size inserts would you want? Get in touch with Forged3D or Sys-Tim and let them know.

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Forged 3D

Design, Develop, Deliver

See these custom Systainer3 Organizer Insert Boxes at the Forged 3D store.

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