Demo systainer with Direct to Film printing

Fitout By Systainer Store

Systainer3 M 112, Label - Direct to Film, Logo, Anthracite

This is a Systainer3 M 112, Anthracite. This systainer was used to demo how direct to film printing can create amazing graphics on a systainer. A large direct to object printer is used to print the logo and text on a film. The film is then processed through a laminator and finally the backside film is peeled away and the logo and text are adhered to the systainer.

This labeling method affords amazing colors, and textures, in both large and small sizes to be applied just about anywhere on a systainer.

This was a gift from Systainer Store to Systainer Systems.

This fitout by:

Tim Swieter

Systainer Store

The systainer evolved from the need to transport work material and tools securely packed and clearly arranged. Systainers can be stacked, linked and customized. The systainer was developed more than 30 years ago and systainers produced today still work with systainers produced nearly three decades ago! Systainer Store is an authorized dealer of the Tanos systainer and Bott products in the USA. We are the largest dealer in the USA and have been serving the systainer community for more than five years.

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