Festool First Aid Kit

Fitout By Em Good

Festool, First Aid, Systainer3 M 112, Light Grey, Custom Catch

This is Em’s first aid kit made from a Festool Systainer3 M 112 light grey systainer. She brings it on every job. Most of her systainers are light gray with light gray tabs. To make sure this systainer stands out, she put a a yellow catch on it. This makes it easy to locate.

For any plasterers out there the Nexcare waterproof bandages are the best!

This fitout by:

Em Good

Designer | Builder

Good Building is a design + build studio. We use bio-based materials to create low impact, highly efficient homes and built environments. Our work confronts overwhelming material toxicity and environmental destruction abundant within conventional construction. Our goal is to reduce undue exposure to toxics while embracing a culture of compassion dedicated to the well being of people and planet.

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