Folding Bamboo Tables

Fitout By rolling tones

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Check out these folding bamboo tables for the Systainer! Our friend at rolling tones created this adaptation of a Dirt Church Industries bamboo folding table product for the Systainer. We started a conversation with Dirt Church, maybe they can make a specific Systainer version!

See more pictures below of this unique fitout that brings a wealth of work surface.

If you want to adapt the existing products, here are a few tips:

  • The existing tables, when folded down, will actually project below a systainer. Therefore it is helpful to have another Systainer under it. Need another Systainer? I know where to get one.
  • Use a reinforced plate on the inside of the Systainer to make a rigid mount.
  • Furthermore, you may want to add a washer/spacer on the bottom of each support on the outside of the systainer. If you don’t, over time when you look at the tables and they may appear to sag slightly so the washer would help with maintaining level.
This fitout by:

rolling tones

“the Radar Guy”

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