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The fall of 2023 brings Tanos’ 30 Year anniversary. Over 35 million systainers have been produced. The Classic systainer, as we now call it, was launched in 1993.

In the 1980s, if you were buying a toolbox, it was made of metal. If you were buying a tool, it likely came in some other packaging, like a cardboard box. In 1991 a team from Festool started developing ideas for what new kind of product packaging could be. They struck upon the idea that they could ship the tool, in the tool box and have it made of plastic. Now, today that seems common sense and common place, but back then, when tool boxes were metal, heavy and expensive it was unheard of. This is where the innovation in plastic and the tool box comes in. Thus, in 1993 Tanos was formed and launched the first generation of the systainer line up. We now call it the Systainer Classic.

A new company was formed to promote and build the system, as the vision was far beyond that of just being a product from a single tool company.

One of the defining characteristics of the Systainer Classic was its stackability. It utilized an arrangement of four catches. Have you looked at modern day Systainers and wondered what those ‘toes’ are on the front and corners? Well that is the method for attaching a Systainer Classic. Amazing isn’t it that a systainer produced 30 years ago, for the most part, is compatible with Systainers being produced today!

Shown in the picture is a Classic Systainer, T-Loc Systainer and the Systainer3. In addition to the Tanos Anniversary, Systainer Store is celebrating 5 years as a dealer in the USA and is the largest dealer stocking nearly the complete Tanos Systainer system catalog.

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Tim Swieter

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The systainer evolved from the need to transport work material and tools securely packed and clearly arranged. Systainers can be stacked, linked and customized. The systainer was developed more than 30 years ago and systainers produced today still work with systainers produced nearly three decades ago! Systainer Store is an authorized dealer of the Tanos systainer and Bott products in the USA. We are the largest dealer in the USA and have been serving the systainer community for more than five years.

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