Kaizen Tools in Kaizen Foam in a Systainer

Systainer3 M 112, Deep Orange, Kaizen Foam, Kaizen Tools

I have the range of Kaizen foam tools, so naturally they deserved their own Systainer, set in Kaizen foam. I designed the label in Affinity Designer, it’s printed on cardstock and it has a clear plastic card in front to protect it.

This is the Deep Orange Sys3 M 112, with the Kaizen Source 57mm base layer.

The tools inside are all from Fastcap, except for the stainless steel brush for cleaning residue from the hot knife. The tools are:

  • Kaizen Hot Knife
  • Warner Stainless Steel Brush
  • Kaizen Scraper
  • Kaizen Spinners
  • Kaizen Knife Thin
  • Kaizen Knife
  • Triblade Knife
  • Knife Sled for Triblade Knife
  • Silver Long Nose Marker

Additionally, underneath each of the knives is a blade refill container.

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