Two systainers were fitted out to make MicroJig branded units. The systainer bodies are daffodil yellow with signal green catches and handles.

A SYS-II Includes two MicroJig GRR-RIPPER Advanced 3D push-blocks neatly arranged on either side of a single MJ GRR-RIPPER 2GO with MJ accessories 1/8” Leg, Deflector/Connector and Gravity Heel Kit stored behind. The arrangement makes for quick access to individual tools and is contained in one yellow SYS-2 with signal green accents.

A SYS-I has Kaizen foam shaped to hold MicroJig MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Clamps on either side of pockets containing MJ Dovetail track hardware for jigs and fixtures and MJ MATCHFIT X-PADs stowed behind.

The rainbow of Systainer colors and accessories can be found at Systainer Store.

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