MINI with Powerful Air Blower

Fitout By Sys Tim

MINI-Systainer, Air Compressor, Blower, Fan

Man, I’ve not been this excited for a tool in a while! I was on a forum and someone mentioned these small, powerful, hand held air blowers. I thought it was interesting so I picked one up. I’m blown away! (pun intended) This isn’t some gimmick device.

I can’t believe the power this unit has and the longevity. In the short few days of owning it I’ve used it in so many applications, many that I didn’t consider till I had the tool.

  • Dusting out a couple computers.
  • Removing saw dust in the nooks of my miter saw.
  • Blowing out my hair and cleaning my clothes off after crawling under a deck.
  • Cleaning out outdoor lamps before new bulbs were put in.
  • Cooling off my impact driver that got hot on installing carriage bolts.
  • Cooling me off while taking a break.
  • Teasing my children (of which now they tease me ;-).

Given the many uses, I figured I needed to dedicate a MINI-Systainer to hold the blower. The unit I got, a CCV Compressed Air Duster on Amazon, came with a charging cord (USB C) and some brushes for detailed cleaning. It looks like the head of the blower can be interchanged too. I’ll have to see what the 3D printing community has cooked up.

This unit works great as it is small, powerful and portable. And there are times you don’t want to use an air compressors for the moisture in the air, so this unit is the right tool. It has three power levels and a trigger that can be latched on in the lower two power modes.

For the fitout, I have a transparent lid MINI-systainer. I kept the fitout simple and utilized the box and foam the unit came in. Together it is just the right height, though the front of the unit’s box where the systainer lid meets at the catch, the box needed to be modified slightly.

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Tim Swieter

Sys Tim

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