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If you have used or seen a Festool Systainer with a tool, you may have noticed the white plastic tabs that fix the lid card to the lid. Festool calls this the Plastic Tab, it is Item Number 700579.

But let’s say you don’t want to order that item from Festool and you need to replace a lost Plastic Tab or use something in your own custom build? Well you could use #10 truss head screw that is 5/8” long. Or you could use push-in rivets from McMaster Carr.

After testing many style of plastic rivets and automotive fasteners, we found that the following two items fit best. They give a secure fit so much so that you need a screw driver or other tool to pry the rivet out. Two styles are shown below, one is shorter than the other. Both styles come in off-white and black and only a few bucks for 25 pieces!

McMaster Carr 90221A203 is the shorter item.

McMaster Carr 90221A204 is the longer item.

I’d recommend the longer unit for versatility. You can use these with SYS-Inserts for lids too!

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Tim Swieter

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