Polishing Systainer3 L Fitout

Fitout By Cheese

Systainer3 L 237, Light Grey, Festool, Polishing, Foam Insert

Cheese over at the Festool Owner’s Group (FOG) has shared this polishing kit fitout. He indicated that the most important part of this fitout is to not crush any of the foam pads.

This fitout is a Systainer3 L 237 with a pick and pluck rigid foam insert.

Here is a list of the many items he has in his kit.

  1. Festool RAP 150 with cord
  2. RAP side handle
  3. RAP 150 mm backing pad
  4. 4 different 150 mm polishing sponges
  5. RAP 80 mm backing pad
  6. 6 different 80 mm polishing sponges
  7. An 80 mm wool bonnet
  8. A 180 mm polishing sponge
  9. 2 Festool gray & 2 Festool green microfiber polishing cloths
  10. A small box of Meguiars clay bars
  11. Menzerna 16 oz 2500 grit
  12. Menzerna 16 oz 3800 grit (was 3500 grit)
  13. Wolfgang 16 oz paint sealant
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Connect with Cheese on the [Festool Owner's Group](https://www.festoolownersgroup.com/).

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