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Forged 3D has extended their storage and organizational offerings with launch of their SYS-GRD system. Have you been frustrated that the traditional SYS-Sort and SYS-Combi used a different bin system? Well the frustration is over, our SYS-GRD for the SYS-Sort and SYS-Combi can accommodate both the Systainer3 Org bins and more importantly our SYS-ORG bins.

Don’t have a SYS-Sort or SYS-Combi to organize your nuts, bolts, parts, pieces and other assorted bits and bobs? Now you can extend the Systainer3 Org or our SYS-ORG system to other drawers, containers, boxes, chest, crates, cases, caddies, trunks or lockers with our SYS-GRD grid system. No more living ‘off-grid’ and having bins sliding all over the place, no more opening a drawer expecting to see an organizational nirvana only to find complete chaos.

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Forged 3D

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See these custom Systainer3 Organizer Insert Boxes at the Forged 3D store.

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