ToolBox Systainer for Mini Table Saw and Router

Systainer3 ToolBox, Table Saw, Router, Light Grey

WOW - Amazing what some users can do with a Systainer! This user took a Systainer3 ToolBox L 237 and modified it to be a mini table saw or router table! This unit runs on AC power and can cut up to 1 1/4” thick material; enough for basic trim jobs and cabinetry work. There is no blade tilt.

The handle was removed from the ToolBox to make clearance for the internals. A vacuum hose can be attached to the back. The top is like an extended MFT top, and can be swapped out for a router version. The unit travels in a fairly compact format.

This is powered by a Makita 18V battery on the front. Not AC powered. The little table saw came with a wimpy 120A/C to 12V power supply which bogs down easily with any load. Since the motor was rated for 12-24Volts, 18V might be a better choice. 24 Volts was crazy fast.

The pictured 40 Amp PWM motor controller with LCD display adds soft start and speed control by percent of total voltage. For small parts or aluminum cutoff the user can set the speed at 50% to 60% for better safety and control.

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