It all started when the Milwaukee M12 Installation Driver and Hydraulic Driver were released. Sys Tim thought those new tools were the right size and power, and he wanted to house them together with all the accessories.

This fitout starts with a Systainer T-Loc III in carmine red. He swapped the catch and handle for a black versions, to better match the Milwaukee brand. Then he created a multi-colored card using a 3D printer. Of course these are just cosmetics, let’s jump to the interior.

Inside the unit he created a pocket on the back and a foam insert on the bottom. Hidden in the foam insert is a Milwaukee M12 charger and on the side of the the systainer a plug socket so it can be plugged into the wall. Furthermore there is a small power supply to a USB power outlet on the other side, for charging phones, flashlights and other devices.

The main contents are the M12 Installation and Hydraulic driver. There are two M12 batteries as well as a Milwaukee Rover Flashlight. On the lid, as you can see, there is an array of bits for either tool. Tucked in the back is a book of Bosch Daredevil Spade bits and the power cord to plug the systainer in. Finally there is a pouch tucked in the front for odds and end like longer extensions or centering bits.

This fitout came together mostly in a weekend to design and fit all the elements in. It was the first use of the Systainer Store T-Loc Lid insert. The bit holders are a combination of 3D printed units or repurposing of the inserts that came with the bit sets.

This fitout by:

Tim Swieter

Sys Tim

Owner of Systainer Store

Build awesome things, with great people, have fun and make money! I run Systainer Store, which has been operating since 2018. I'm a business and strategy designer, an entrepreneur and a professional engineer. I've built SaaS and IOT businesses as well as rollercoasters, parades and fireworks shows.

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