Well appointed Drill and Driver SYS-Combi

Milwaukee, SYS-Combi, M12, Klein, Railer Tools, Custom Cards, Custom Foam, Anthracite

I set this up to have most of my drill & driving tool in one box. Fitted out a SYS-COMBI II for M12 drill/driver tools and accessories.

There is a Milwaukee M12 Surge Impact, M12 Installation Drill/Driver, charger and two spare batteries, custom fitted in open cell foam. Drawer is fitted out with drill and driving bits in various sized clear plastic boxes, Railer ball end hex set, Klein 7 in 1 flip sockets with handle and Icon Flex Head Ratchet & Bit Set. Brainstorm ID for ID cards and template to print custom label ID cards. (See Systainer Store video for more details!)

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