Bott SmartVan - Ford

Fitout By Systainer Systems N.A.

Bott, Ford Transit, Festool, Van Racking, Vise, Perfo Panel, bottBox, SYS-Aid

Bott is the leader in safe and efficient storage inside of work vans and work trucks. Shown here is the the Bott SmartVan demo vehicle by Systianer Systems. This fitout is in a Ford Transit.

The Bott SmartVan is a no drill solution, making install a breeze using the existing mounting points provided by the manufacture. Want a way to quickly erode the value of your vehicle? Put a hole it in! However with Bott Smart Van racking you don’t need to do that since there are brackets designed to work withe vehicle’s manufactured designed mounting points.

Next, their van racking solutions are crash tested to ensure safety of the occupants. Furthermore every tool box and container has its designated place in the van. Of course the racking systems works great with Systainer3 line up, but it also works with tool boxes from other manufactures as well.

Shown in the picture gallery is a new molded felt divider, first shown at The Utility Show 2023. This divider bring not only a great looking aesthetics but also lighter weight to the system.

The system can be bought with or without the raised floor option. Need to store taller materials, perhaps get it without. Need to store long materials or ladders maybe put them under the raised floor.

Other elements that make this system great are the variety of shelfs, drawers, Perfo Panel and bottBoxes.

This fitout by:

Systainer Systems N.A.

Systainer Systems connects the mobile, linkable Systainer³ with the ever-adapting and lightweight bott Smartvan van shelving.

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