UK Ford Transit with Custom Fitout

Fitout By Woodbutcherbower

Ford Transit, Systainer, Festool, Mafell, Hilti, Mirka, Paslode, Makita, Trend, Fein, Dewalt

The fitout was done immediately after I acquired a Ford Transit Custom van in 2017. The layout’s changed a few times since then to accommodate more equipment - but you’ll get the idea. The beauty of Systainers for me is that everything has the same footprint, so rack-out is easy, and the modular nature of the cases has allowed me to get a lot of stuff into a relatively small space. It was made using 12mm birch ply, with the shelves rebated into uprights which were scribed to the side profile of the van. It’s amazing just how much the profile changes as you move along. the sides. Each shelf has five holes in it = four for the Systainer’s feet to stop them from sliding out when I’m being chased at high speed by the local police, plus a larger hole in the middle to reduce the weight.

There are a few in-build pics in the gallery. I’ve also used space on the ceiling by making a frame, bolting it to the ceiling spars, and then making other components to use the space. There’s a rack for saw rails, plus blocks to carry 48-inch sash clamps, for example. There are also three 4-drawer Sortainers in there which are full of screws, fixings and various other hardware components. Apart from the standard grey-and-green Festool cases, pretty much everything else is coloured to match what’s inside it. Dig around and you’ll find equipment by Festool, Mafell, Hilti, Mirka, Paslode, Makita, Trend, Fein, DeWalt and one or two others.

This fitout by:

Kevin Bower


Joiner to kings and noblemen

I’m a professional joiner from the UK with almost 40 years on the tools.

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