Bench Maker Pro Workbench

Fitout By Bill

Bench Maker Pro, Shop Furniture, Extruded Aluminum, SYS-AZ

This modular workbench was designed to last for decades! It is proudly built in the United States from renewable/recyclable, eco-friendly components, minimizing the possibility that anything is wasted during its assembly or continued use. At its core, this workbench design maximizes the potential for everyone to complete their projects, hobbies, and crafts the right way, the first time. This bench is from Bench Maker Pro and you can find in the videos published by the Systainer Store.

This extruded aluminum workbench is showing off the SYS-AZ Pull Out Drawer and the Systainer3 line up.

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Growing up, I often heard the phrase while doing work around the home “do it the right way, the first time.” Often assisting both grandfathers and my father complete countless projects with efficiency and purpose, I gained an appreciation for difficult work being executed the right way, the first time.

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