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Need Systainer storage in your workshop? Here is a concept of taking a Bott SmartVan rack and adapting it to a workshop. This rack (19001034.19M) is 41 5/8” wide and 59 1/4” tall. The frame is welded steel construction and very robust. A single vertical divider (19002013.19M) is used, splitting this rack into one bay for Systainer M, T-Loc or Classic and one bay for Systainer3 L. There are wider and narrower racks available from Bott. Each end of the frame is fitted with a Bott Perf-o panel (19002003.51M).

The frame is attached to a cinder block wall with Tapcon anchors and washers. The brackets shown here are the most generic of all their brackets (19015091.19V). The Bott SmartVan is a no drill solution for a variety of van, what this means is Bott makes unique brackets for each van fitout to align with the manufacture installed mount points. In our case we are making it up and can drill holes as we would like into the wall and floor.

A minimal of tools are required for the install. Once the rack is in place, next to go in are the shelves and brackets. I used a shelf that works for the T-Loc and Classic (19010140.19M) as well as a runners for the Systainer3 M (19010100.19M) and L (19010101.19M).

This has changed how I store systainers in my shop. Until now I was utilizing the stacks on carts. Naturally the systainer I always needed was at the bottom. This now allows my more commonly accessed systainers to fit in racks.

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