Classic Cars and Systainers

Fitout By Tim McNair

Systainer3 ToolBox, Sys-Combi, Deep Orange, Light Grey, Ferrari, Car Detailing, SYS-Sort IV

Tim McNair is known throughout the world for his work on detailing expensive classic cars. He travels extensively for this work and systainers are his go to tool box. Their light weight make for easy transport. The systainer is easy to customize too. Checkout this systainer stack with Systainer3 ToolBox M 237, T-Loc Systainer SYS-Combi III, Systainer3 M 187, Sys-Sort IV/3 and a Systainer3 M 337 in Deep Orange. Oh, nearly forgot, the Ferrari in the background is cool too! ;-)

This fitout by:

Tim McNair

Grand Prix Concours

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