Rainbow of Systainers

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Systainer Color Scheme, Carmine Red, Emerald Green, Black, Sky Blue, Sapphire Blue, Deep Orange, Daffodil Yellow

Systainers are available in a variety of colors. This photo is from the office of Systainer Systems as they show off just some of the choices to customize the systainer body, catch and top handle. The systainer can be a set up in the color scheme of your choice! Maybe this is to match the brand of tool housed in the systainer. Maybe all your black catch systainers are wood tools and your red catch systainers are metal tools. Or maybe you have your own brand and style that you want to show off and be coordinated with.

Systainer Store is the only dealer to stock the entire array of Tanos Systainer colors.

This fitout by:

Systainer Systems N.A.

Systainer Systems connects the mobile, linkable Systainer³ with the ever-adapting and lightweight bott Smartvan van shelving.

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