Milwuake M12 Systainer Fitout

Fitout By Widen96

Milwaukee, M12, Custom Insert, Installation Driver, Hydraulic Driver, Decals, Custom Catch

Always have loved the simplicity offered with systainers. They just work for me. Plus the fact that I can put together just about any color combo I need to helps as well. Originally wanted to use a Combi Systainer however opted for the carmine red over having the drawer, for now anyway. While looking for ideas and inspiration I came across Sys Tim’s Milwaukee M 12 Ultimate Systainer and , well it was laid out near perfectly for my needs.

Not having a 3 d printer laying around I opted for some simple hardboard / pine construction to hold the heads, along with some imbedded magnets and kaizen foam to hold everything in its place, Decals purchased online and some paint and rubberized undercoating help to finish it all off. Still working on the inner lid bit holders but it’s getting near completion.

Still have plans for the drawer addition so stay tuned.

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Life long lover of tools, organization, attention to detail, customizing anything and everything in order to make practical , useful improvements , and sometimes just because I love to make my thoughts and ideas become reality.

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